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They are not contagious and they are not cancerous but they are still a matter of concern and it is best that before it continues growing and expands into a big mess, you should opt for treatment or removal of your keloid scar. Formed due to the inheritance of genetics or due to abnormal cell activity, keloids are formed due to excessive formation of collagen( healing service ).  Since some patients are not keen to cutting open the largest organ of their bodies- the skin- they look for alternate techniques to get rid of the scarring tissue that will otherwise keep growing into a larger heap day by day. Keloid Scar treatments range from evasive form of practices such as injections and surgeries to non-evasive form of practices such as creams and silicone gel sheeting’s. They all are affective and help reduce redness, and/or remove the keloid scar as a whole, but the most effective procedure out of them all is Steroid injections.

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The Keloid Scar Treatment Steroid Injection given usually is a local steroid injection that contains a compound named triamcinolin which is the main ingredient in the working behind the steroid injections. Steroids, overall, are very effective because not only in injection form, they are used to coat taping and placed on the scarred tissue for up to 12 hours in order to flatten the scar’s tissue as if deflating. Even during surgeries, some cosmetic surgeons use steroid injections hand in hand with their operating skills to make sure the tissue does not regroup back into place due to tampering and surgical incisions. It is the best form of treatment for keloids that makes a difference from the inside out.

A type of steroid called intralesional corticosteroid is the first priority in therapy options. It is used to internally deflate the scarred tissue that projects from the skin surface into a more flattened area. the results of a systematic review helped bring forth that up to a grand total of 70% patients on this therapy have positively responded and have flattened keloids. These steroids are given in the form of an injection and therefore, most closely injected into the scarred tissue for maximum coverage and attack. Although pointing needles at the infected area is a painful ordeal, it is still one of the most effective treatments with a reoccurrence rate 50% less than before meaning at least 5 years .

Cryotherapy is also staged with Keloid Scar Treatment Steroid Injection’s to further make sure that initial growth is inhibited from stage one.  If taken on their own, the steroid injections can be taken every week for about 2 to 6 weeks depending on your recovery time. A feasible solution for those who are scared or uncomfortable with surgical instruments, can turn to injection therapy that takes more  time than surgery does of course.  It is not only a form of treatment, it is a complete new level of prevention tactics to make sure the possibility of it coming back is close to nil.

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