Keloid Scar Treatment

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Modern Medicine has excelled the typical norms of even our own understanding of what medicine is. There have been countless discoveries in this field that has led to an enormous amounts of lives pulled back from utter hopelessness. An amazing area of expertise that has solved it all from the simplest cough to improving on treatments for cancer cells and many other diseases.

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Since your skin is the outermost layering, it deals with the most damage, keeping your internal system safe from the hectic world. And because of this, it faces a great deal of problems. Sometimes not from the outside but because of cellular instability from the inside. This is the core reason why Keloids form. It is unpredictable and can happen even days or months after surgery, cuts, burns, any incision or obstruction to the skin’s surface. Keloids are scar tissues gone bad. They spread to infect the surrounding tissues and if not treated soon, they keep spreading to take over even healthy neighboring tissues.

Keloids are random, vary from person to person and volatile but are not contagious or cancerous. And a field that has almost found all possible solutions to all kinds of problems, Modern medicine has come up with options of Keloid Scar Treatment, specified according to what kind of a keloid problem you are suffering from. The following are suggested treatments, which after consultation with your doctor, you can well distinguish which is sufficient for you:

Cortisone Injections: Also known as Intralesional steroids, these injections given once every month, until complete treatment, are safe, effective and painless. The ratio of steroid’s is low and enough to flatten the keloid. After successful treatment, the keloid may look better than before but may also leave a scar most probably differentiated from the adjacent skin easily.

Keloid surgery: In case you are diagnosed for surgery or you choose surgery, it is a risky procedure because any tampering may cause larger keloids to originate. But if using controlled methods of application of pressure and injection of steroids, it can be cut away from your skin. Radiation is required in some cases afterwards to ensure no repetitive wound scars.

Laser Treatment: Most popularly used to lessen the redness on the scar, this treatment uses a pulse-dye laser to also flatten the keloids. In several sessions, you can get rid of your keloid in a completely painless and safe way.

Silicone Sheet Technique: Since some patients are conscious about surgical methods and laser treatments, silicon sheet’s are best for them. Although the results are as variable as the keloids themselves, but the treatment is basic and just requires you to wear the sheets for several hours per week until maximum results are attained.

Cryotherapy: A process that freezes keloids with liquid nitrogen in order to later flatten them out.

Interferon: Bodily immune system proteins such as interferon can be used to internally reduce the growth and occurrence of keloids. An alternate method, similar to this kind, is currently being medically tested and is known by the name of imiquimod ( Aldara).

Fluorouracil: A type of chemotherapy doses given in injections.

Radiation: To treat redness and inhibit reoccurrence of keloids, this is an effective method supported by doctors.

These were the most effective, known and possible Keloid Scar Treatment’s that help you live your life keloid free!

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